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Motorhome tourism

Experience the best of JKPG along the way. Here are some suggestions of places worth visiting during your vacation on the road.

Nature experiences

Nature is always near by when you are in JKPG. There are good hiking and cycling opportunities. Dumme mosse is one of the most famous hiking trails and is one of the county's largest wetlands with an amazing animal and plant life.



Äppledalen in Kaxholmen is a wonderful place to visit for most of the year. Here you can wander among apple plants, have some coffee in Rudenstam's farm café or buy local products. Perfect stop along the way, especially if you are heading towards Gränna. The old road provides you more cozy feeling and takes you through the communities Kaxholmen and Skärstad.


Gränna and Visingsö

Gränna and Visingsö are obvious stops during the RV holiday. Here you will find lots of remaining history, cozy farm cafes and experiences. Some tips to visit during the summer are Kaffestugan, Tegnertornet, Candy cane stores, Brahehus, Visingsborg, Persgården and Näs ruin. There is also a lot to see in the cooler months.



Jönköping has many unique exhibitions and museums. In Huskvarna you will find Husqvarna Museum which shows nostalgic products such as sewing machines, cookers, etc., which were manufactured in the old Huskvarna factory. In Jönköping you will find the world'sonly Match Museum where you will learn more about the matchstick's history and the work of how they were made. All museums can be found here.



Oset is a lovely bathing place to stay during the summer. Here you can swim in lake Vättern, play in the playground or relax on the beach. There are also a few parkingspaces for your RV without electricity and water. Close to Huskvarna center.



Jönköping lakes make it possible for several water activities. You can easily rent a kayak or canoe to paddle centrally in town. Munksjön is perfect for paddling in, with the inner city as a view. If you want to feel calm and take your further into the water you can paddle in Vättern.


Farmer for a day

Are you curious about country life and how it would be to be a farmer? Then you can go to Drefseryd's farm to try out the farm life.You will feed, clean and take care of cows, sheep, horses and poultry.



There are plenty of fish in the lakes of Jönköping. On the way into the city you almost always see someone with the fishing tackle ready in your hand. You can read more about what is going on for fishing in Jönköping and what places you can go to here.



”The miracle of Småland” – that’s how Carl von Linné described the mountain in Taberg. Tabergstoppen in Taberg lies 343 meters above sea level. At the top you can eat food or coffee, play miniature golf and enjoy a breathtaking view.


Local chocolate

In Jönköping you will find several local chocolate producers. Maybe someone in your family has a sweet tooth for chocolate? Below you will find three local producers to visit.
Gränna Chocolate
Backamo Chocolate


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