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Bonde för en dag

Curious about the farmer life? To be a farmer is exciting and challenging and nothing you can learn in one day. But now you have the opportunity to try the life on a farm. Here you will get to try a very alternately and interesting work.

At Drefseryds farm the work is all about to take care of the animals: cows, sheeps, horses and chickens. The feed, clean and other small things you have to do at a farm. It depends on the season, time of year and what interests you have. Ride a horse, clean for the cows, cuddle the lamb, take care of the chickens, get eggs or drive a tractor. It’s gonna be a fun and interesting adventure trying to be a farmer. You should think that your going to be a farmen.. So don’t take clothes you care about. All of this takes about three hours and of course you will get some ‘fika’. The total of people you can be is 4, so you get as much time as possible to be a farmer.