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Röttle is a small beautiful village situated south of Gränna. Here you will find two ancient mills, a waterfall and a small marina.

The village of Röttle is located in a peaceful and picturesque area by the river Röttleån, which has been important to the Gränna district for many centuries.
Two mills are located in the village – Rasmus mill and Jerusalem mill – remains from the village’s heyday in the 17th century. Rasmus mill dates from this period and still today during the summertime the mill is running and grinding corn and grain to be flour. The building also contains displays on the history of the village and sells flour produced from cereals grown in accordance with organic standards. The valley of the River Röttleån and the Västanå ‘graben’ south of the village provide a rare habitat for nature lovers and botanists, including a very beautiful stand of oaks, deemed to be spontaneous.