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Klevens nature trail

A mile north of Gränna you will find Klevens nature trail, a two kilometer long hiking path.

Between the E4 and the old Riksettan, just a few hundred meters from the border of Östergötland, lies Kleven. The two-kilometer long hike, starting at the parking lot, takes you through a somewhat hilly terrain and offers breathtaking views.

After strolling through pastures and raspberries, you arrive at a ravine with rippling streams. The path takes you along the ravine and up to Solhöjden, which is located on the edge of the mountain. From there you can see the provinces of Småland, Västergötland and Östergötland. In the middle of the shimmering water you can see Visingsö.

There is also a café and cottage rental at the car park, read more here.