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Dumme mosse

Go on a delightful hike on planked trails in southern Sweden’s last wilderness. The air here is filled with the scent of marsh Labrador tea, and animal and plant life abounds. From the south, the Dumme Mosse trail is accessible for both wheelchairs and prams.

Dumme Mosse is classified as a nature reserve, and it is one of the county’s largest, most varied swamp areas, with many different types of wetland. The area lies 7 kilometres west of Jönköping. If you are travelling by car, take highway 40 from Jönköping towards Göteborg. Turn off towards the airport. Right next to the airport, there is a sign for Dumme Moss as well as parking. You also can get to Dumme Mosse by taking bus 27 from central Jönköping to the airport.

Hiking trails

Dumme Mosse has hiking trails for both summer and winter. The planked trail that is suitable for the period from March to October is called the Dumme Mosse Trail. You will find it in the southern part of the nature area. The choice of how far you want to go is up to you. The various trails range in length from 4 to 9 kilometres. For 2 kilometres the trail has been adapted for prams and wheelchairs. Next to the old embankment, there is a BBQ site with wood already chopped, perfect for a splendid pause.

In winter you can experience Dumme Mosse on skis. The northern part of the area has a marked winter trail that starts at Hallbystugan. Along the trail there are windbreaks and BBQ sites.

Plant and animal life

During spring and summer, Dumme Mosse has abundant bird life, and the birds you can see include golden plovers, Eurasian curlews, wood sandpipers and cranes.

Most of the area consists of bare high mosses. Other plant species include dwarf birch, marsh Labrador tea, cross-leaved heath and bog asphodel.

Dumme Mosse sometimes is called southern Sweden’s last wilderness.