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Carl von Linné called Taberg for "Småland's miracle". Today, the mountain offers a fantastic view, a restaurant and exciting mining guides in the mountain.

To the south and east of the mountain it drops almost vertically, while in the north and west has a flatter slope. Taberg is an isolated ore body of the unusual rock titanmagnetitolivinit, known to only exist in one place in the world. Apart from iron ore containing vanadium and titanium. Mining has been going on since the 1400s and until 1951. The mountain has therefore also of great historical value. By the very special rock Taberg has a distinctive and very rich vegetation.

The reserve is also growing species such as forest clock, stickel seed and bird's-nest orchid. As a local of mosses belonging to the species-rich in Taberg, southern Sweden. Sand Lizard runs around on the mountain slopes and more than half the country's bat species hibernate in old mine shafts. Taberg was set aside as nature reserves in 1985 primarily because of its unique geology and vegetation. It is a popular tourist destination and is frequently used for outdoor recreation. Nature Conservation owns parts of the mountain and shows the mine during the summer.