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Guided Food Walk

Fun and tastefull way to explore Jönköping city!

We want to offer you a unique way of experiencing Jönköping through its food. We believe that sharing good food can bring pure happiness and that one of the best ways to understand another culture is to eat its food. Specially if it is presented by a local resident.

Your host for the evening will show her/his favorite restaurants where You will be served appetizers and drinks combined with visits at some very special places that You may not have been found on your own. Between the pit stops you will be told lovely anecdotes and interesting stories.

-Greatly welcome to join!

Language: English & Swedish (do let us know if you prefer German or Hungarian)

Meeting place: Reception at Elite Stora Hotellet, Jönköping

Starting time: Daily 18:00 (notice that You must be prebooked)

Length of time: 3h (duration of time can change)

Restaurants: 3-4 (maybe more)

Special visits: 1-2 (maybe more)

Age: Recommended for adults

Beverages: Wine, Beer as well as suitable Alcohol-free

Surprise gift: Yes :)