Kayak rental

Go kayaking in the middle of Jönköping.

At JKPG outdoor activites you can rent a stable and seaworthy sit-on-top kayak for most of the year. Sit-on-top means that you don´t cover your legs and this type of kayak is very easy to paddle, even for new beginners. We have both single and double kayaks.

Jönköping is a city filled with water and it’s just time that limit you as paddlers. If it is nice weather and no wind you can paddle along Lake Vätterns beautiful beaches. If you want to paddle in the middle of the city you paddle through the harbour channel into Lake Munksjön and if you are looking for a bit more adventure you go to the Tabergs creek, also known as the jungle of Jönköping.

We always help you to choose a destination so that your day will be as good as possible. For those interested in fishing we have fishing equipment for rent.

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