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The making of the candy cane

Visit one of our many cosy and traditional sweet shops to see how the skilled confectioners transform the warm toffee mixture into the perfect peppermint rock!

If you want to have a go yourself, contact us and we’ll point you in the right direction. During the demonstration, the guide will tell you about the history and origin of peppermint rock. You will learn how it is made and get to taste the warm toffee mixture!

Make your own candy-cane

Would you like to try making this handcrafted Swedish delicacy you can contact the following shops:
Franssons polkagriskokeri
Grenna Polkagriskokeri
Gränna för gott

Opened all year:

Brahehus Polkagriskokeri » E4:an, Brahehus, tel +46(0)390-212 12

Cabbe Polkagrisfabrik » Gyllen Uttern, 4 km söder om Gränna, tel +46(0)390-106 70

Franssons Polkagrisar » Jönköpingsvägen 19, Gränna, tel +46(0)390-103 69

Grenna Polkagriskokeri » Brahegatan 39, Gränna, tel +46(0)390-100 39

Polkagrisbagar'n » Brahegatan 55, Gränna, tel +46(0)390-120 31

Polkapojkarna » Brahegatan 59, Gränna, tel +46(0)390-120 50

Polkaprinsen » Brahegatan 45, Gränna, tel +46(0)76-142 42 81

Tomtar & Troll » Brahegatan 49, Gränna, tel +46(0)390-413 93

Almas polkagriskokeri » Brahegatan 61, Gränna

Opened during the summer:

Cathanna Polkagriskokeri » Hamnvägen/Hävdevägen, Gränna, tel +46(0)390-411 98

Johans Polkagrisar » Hamnvägen, Gränna, tel +46(0)390-417 60