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Find your dream path - trails for mountain biking or family friendly paths

Bike through grand nature!

Experience something new, on a bike! Pass through great monuments, beautiful nature and exciting places along the way. Welcome to enjoy many of our bike tours in Jönköping, Huskvarna, Gränna and Visingsö.

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Cycling to Gränna

Gränna - the start or end goal of a fantastic cycling exp...

Bike rental

Bicycle rental for all kinds of cycling

Norra Vätterbrantsleden

Perfect for biking

Södra Vätterbrantsleden

Enjoy nature by bike

Tour of Tabergsdalen

Easy road cycling route leading to Tabergs topp

Rent a bike

Visingsö is perfect to explore by bike

Haralds Cykel & Reparation

Rent a bike in Jönköping