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Things to do in Jönköping

Finding exiting things to do in a new city might be hard sometimes. That’s why we have made this article, to make it easy for you to find fun things to do while staying in Jönköping.

There are lots of things to experience while being here. Visit a museum with the family? Travel to the beatutiful town Gränna? Or why not jump in the water of lake Vättern? Whatever gets you going, we have the answers right here.


Jönköpings läns museum

You will find alot more than just an exhibition at Jönköpings läns museum. They also offer archives, art conservations and much more. Experience the famous artist John Bauers art, the Swedish history and more. For the smaller visitor of the museum there is a fairytale wardrobe where kids can play and dress up.

Jönköpings läns museum

Husqvarna museum

Prepare for some great nostalgia, at Husqvarna museum you will se many of the producs made in the worlds oldest and most versitile industry. You will see products like lawnmowers, old guns, sewing machines and a lot more.

Husqvarna Fabriksmuseum

Places to visit

Jönköping city park

On the west side of Jönköping you will find the beautiful city park that offers an astonishing view over the city. Besides great views the city park has a café, a big playground, a dancefloor, historical monuments and several animals to meet.


Dumme mosse

Go on a delightful hike on planked trails in southern Sweden’s last wilderness. The air here is filled with the scent of marsh Labrador tea, and animal and plant life abounds. A good hike for the active person as well as the nature lover.

Dumme mosse


Rosenlundsbadet in Jönköping has everything you could want when it comes to swimming and health and wellness: have fun in the adventure pool, relax, work out, take a sauna bath or indulge yourself with a wonderful massage.


Good food

The city of Jönköping swims in a sea of great restaurants and bars with a big variety of good food. From juicy burgers to sushi and Mexican food. Have a seat along the pier and enjoy a great dinner in the sunset, or have a visit in Gränna that offers irresistible views along cute houses. Many of the restaurants have been awarded in the book White guide. Find great restaurants in Jönköping here!

Mat i Jönköping

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