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Tips on playground

– No matter what weather or day it is you should let kids visit playgrounds more often. So here are tips on some playgrounds you can visit here. These ones have a lot of space to be played in and kids in all ages fantasy, but also time to hang out and to learn.

  1. Stadsparken, Jönköping

In the stadspark (City Park) you can find a big playground that fits children in all ages. They have different parts in playground, that’s parted into different themes. There is a big jungle gym that's stuck bridges that you can climb and balance on. Of course you can also fins sandboxes, swings, slides. Only your imagination can stop you at this playground.

Next to the playground there are different barbeque areas with tables and chairs for those who want to spend a full day at stadsparken. If you can’t take a picnic with you there are several ‘fika ställen’ coffee shop and candy stores nearby.

At the playground there's also access to WC and baby dressing-tables.

At the stadspark you can find a lot of other activities for the family as well like golf and meadows with peacock, alpacas, llamas and goats.

  1. Friaredalen, Jönköping

This is a playground that has something for the youngest to the oldest kids. There's a jungle gym that looks like a spider’s web here you and the kids can challenge each others to see who reacts quicker by chasing sounds and lights. Here we have balance training, you can build a sand castle, take the funny cable railway and a lot of other fun stuff. Next to this playground you can found ball fields and skate parks.

For those who have older kids can spend their time at a outdoors gym (while the kids are at the playground)that’s close to the playground.

  1. Kålgårdsparken, Jönköping

One of Jönköpings biggest playgrounds, perfect for those who have a lot of energy and what to have a lot of fun.

  1. Huskvarna Folkets park, Huskvarna

A fun and variably playground in ‘Folkets park’. Through the playground goes a small river with water which opens up the adventure in the playground.

  1. Mjölkafållans lekplats, Huskvarna

The playground in ‘mjölkafållan’ in Huskvarna, with slides, swings for both younger and older kids. In cozy park environment you can take a picnic with you and enjoy a day full of playing. Because the playground is close to Mjölkafållan you and your kids are close to green areas with playing and running.

  1. Hamnparkens lekplats

Hamnparken you can find in the central of Jönköping. Here you find a park with focus on things like sounds. Sit under a tree and listen to well known songs, challenge your friends on a exciting game of play and sounds on the jungle gym. The younger kids usually like running around with the different in height on the ground. Since it’s close to centrum it’s easy to get something to eat or drink. Stora Lek, Gränna At ‘Syster Dinas’ road children who have a lot of energy can take act and run & climb.There is also a perfect spot for the grownups to have a picnic in the grass between trees, a very beautiful nature. With jungle gym, swings and bows it’s not hard to understand why this playground is popular. 7. Rökinge, Visingsö

Sandbox, slides and swings are just a couple of examples of what children can have fun with at Rökinge playground. At the park there are hills of grass in different heights which very popular and fun for kids under spring & summer and to slide down with a sledge at winter.