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Miniature golf

Playing miniature golf is a great activity with both friends and family. Here are the places where you can play in Jönköping.

Play in Jönköping

Miniature golf at Liljeholmen

At Liljeholmen in Jönköping you will find the newest miniature golf course, close to the beach. During summer the golf Is open every day with two high class 18-hole course.

Adventure golf at Tabergstoppen

At Tabergstoppen (The top of Taberg), you can play miniture golf while enjoying a great view of Taberg, 343 meters over the ocean. It is a 12 hole course. End you game with a nice meal or fika here when you are done.

Miniature golf in the City Park

In our lovely City Park you will find one of Jönköpings miniature golf courses. It’s a 18 holes course with a great variation. While being here you can also pet the animals, fika or play at the towns biggest playground.

Adventure golf at Rosenlund

Connected to the swimming facility Rosenlundsbadet you will find this miniature golf course. Shoot through a volcano, play through a cave and on the pirate ship. The course is easy to find and close to most things at Elmia.

Villa Björkhagen

At the camping Villa Björkhagen you will find a miniature golf course. Perfect for campers living there or if you get tired of the beach.

Play in Gränna

Adventure golf in Gränna

At Gränna camping, next to the water, you will find this adventurous course of miniature golf. Located close to restaurants and the ferry. Great activity during your vacation in Gränna.

Getingaryds family camping

At Getingaryds you will find a miniature golf course. While staying here you can also ride horses, have a swim or go on a boat.