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Ice skating

Ice skating is fun! In the Jönköping area, you can go ice skating in several locations. Here, there is everything from professional ice venues to beautiful lakes.

It does not happen every year, but some years, lake Vättern freezes to ice. Then, you can go ice skating on natural ice in central Jönköping and in Huskvarna. Around the municipality, there are several lakes that often freezes to ice during the winter so that you can be able to go ice skating on them. To hear the ice sing while you are skimming over it is a fantastic experience of nature, but always make sure to put safety first. Control the thickness of the ice, don’t ever be alone on the ice and bring your ice claws.

Locations with mechanically frozen ice give a better guaranty for ice skating and the ice tends to get smoother and easier to go ice skating on. In the following locations, you can find artificial ice:

Råslätts IP

The home field for the ice hockey team Jönköping Bandy IF. The field is found at the start of the housing area Råslätt, which is easy to find from European route E4.


In central southern Huskvarna, you can find this outside rink that the children and youths of HV71 use for their training.

Note that both Råslätts IP and Vapenvallen are dependent on the weather, and if the weather is bad, all ice skating might have to be cancelled.

Husqvarna Garden

The home venue of HV71, where there are several indoor ice hockey rinks to choose between. Here, you might run into some of the team members of HV71 and you are able to go ice skating on the same rink as the elite team use for their training.

Skandiamäklarna Center

It is located in Norrahammar and it is the home venue of the ice hockey team Dalen.

Here, you can find updated opening hours for all ice rinks. When the weather is good, there is also ice in other locations where non-profit organisations take care of the ice.