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5 tips on what you can do while on winter break!

Soon the beloved winter break is here! But what is there to do in Jönköping? Here we have 5 things that you can do while on winter break to make the most out of it.

1. Prison Island in Huskvarna is perfect for winter break. Here you get the feeling that you’re in the swedish tv-show ‘fångarna på fortet’. Here you and your friends/family will together try to get through different barriers.

2. Rosenlundsbadet is a great plan if you have no idea on what to do for your winter break. Here you can hang out with your friends and have fun in the different pools.

3. Winter break in arkivhuset you will get a chance to do some research and found out about you family tree. In here you will also get to go on a quiz walk the 12, 14 and 16th of february week 7,perfect for you break!

4. Sledge hills is something that fits great now that we finally have some snow. Why not sit down and slide down the hills that Jönköping has to offer? We have places like Hallbystugan, IKHP och Kålgårdens lekpark

5. Biostad is something we have here in jönköping. We have a ‘moviecity’ so why not use it? We have new movie every day. So take your popcorn and come enjoy the movie.