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At the harbor on Visingsö, three wonderful circular loops begins. You will hike through Sweden's largest contiguous oak forest, planted in 1831 for naval boat building.

Experience the historic island on foot, choose between three scenic loops. All three of them is a walk in the beautiful oak forest that was once planted so that we today could build ships, but that never happened. Once the oaks were fully grown, society had switched to constructing boats with armor plate.

The three loops have different colors, the red which is 3.8 km runs centrally on the island, the yellow one is 6.4 km and goes south on the island. The third loop is green and is 7.2 km and goes north on the island.

All three loops start from the harbor, there are no rest areas on the roads but still plenty to see and enjoy. The Swedish Property Agency owns and manages the forest and the tracks. The loops are easy to walk as the landscape is quite flat. The yellow loop can be extended down to the southern part of the island and go all the way down to Näs. At the bathing place in Näs there are barbecue facilities.