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Prison Island Huskvarna

Prison Island is a completely unique adventure, quickly expanding in the world. Visitors team up and solve challenging tasks in the different cells, like the TV hit "Fort Boyard".

Everyone is welcome, old and young. Gather your friends, form a team and solve tasks in the prison cells together. Collaborate and have great fun. Everything is possible and remember - The team always needs you and you always need the team!

Young as well as old, short as well as tall, the company kick-off, the birthday party, the athlete team, the school class, the bachelor party and the family reunion. At Prison Island in Huskvarna you find everything you need for an unforgettable day. Challenging adventure cells, café and conference rooms.

Prison Island in Huskvarna has 27 different, awesome cells to explore, opened all year around. Recommended age is from 9 years and up. If it is a family who wants to compete, it is perfectly okay to be 7 years and upwards. Recommended also is to have comfortably shoes and clothing.