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10 best places to take a swim

Jönköping has lots of beautiful places to choose from to take a swim. From central Vätterstranden to smaller water areas.

Depending on what you prefer you can choose a place to swim by a nice shore or smaller, hotter lakes with a bridge deck. The Swedish word "badplats" is frequently used to describe a place to swim at.

Axamo badplats is a good place to swim that offers you nice water with big areas of grass to play on or get a tan. Close by there is also Axamo strand & camping (Axamo beach & camping) with showers, saunas, mini golf, food and much more.

Vätterstranden is a beautiful beach in central Jönköping. Its kilometre long beach with clear water is the perfect location for the most. Here you can enjoy a beautiful view while walking along the great beach. Near by the beach there are big fields of grass where you can play volleyball or basketball. If you get hungry lots of restaurants and cafes are only a few steps away.

Lovsjöbadet is a place for the whole family. Here you can enjoy big fields of grass and a big dock. Lovsjöbadet is located south of Barnarp by the lake Lovsjön close to road E4.

Rocksjöbadet close by Rocksjön is both central and close to the shopping mall A6. Here you will find great fields of grass, a dock and the restaurant Hasse på Sjökanten just by the corner. You can easily get here by walking, bike, bus or car.

Västersjöbadet is an excellent place for the family with a shallow beach shore. Västersjöbadet is near by the lake Västersjön, west of Jönköping, near the airport. Västersjön is one of the smaller lakes in the area that often offers warm water. Close to the beach there is also a place for the dogs to take a swim.

Sannabadet is located by the nature reserve Sanna, that is linked with Sannaängen. Along with Elmiafälten, only steps away there are big fields of grass. Sannabadet is in a bay which means it gets warmer faster.

Åsabadet is headed by the lake Sörsjön in Norrahammar. Åsabadet is a lovely place for the family with lots of fields of grass, a dock with a diving tower and a nice beach. You can also rent canoes here.

Brunnströms badplats is located by the north-east part of the lake Bunn. Here you will find a smaller beach and a dock with a small parking space.

Hunnerydsbadet in Kaxholmen by the lake Landsjön is a place with fields of grass, a dock, changing rooms and lots of space for activities. By Hunnerydsbadet there is a parking space with a flat area.