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Views over Jönköping

Do you want a nice view over Jönköping? Then here are some tips on places you definitely want to visit.


Jönköpings ‘stadspark’ (west of Jönköping) is a very popular place for families with children, but also for people without kids. Here you can find animals, ice cream, good food and of course you will get yourself a fantastic view of Jönköping. If you have kids, take them with you and play or take a cozy walk through the beautiful nature. There’s something for everyone here.

Here is a map to Stadsparken.



‘Vattenledningsområdet’ is a place south-west in Jönköping that has a unique environment with three fountain that on all year around. In this area there are varying lanes with streams, mountains and fir-forest. This place has in history worked as water treatment plant. Today it’s a great place to visit while in Jönköping. You can walk, take a bike or have a picnic and just enjoy the beautiful view over Jönköping.

Here is a map to Vattenledningsparken.


Utsikten Huskvarna

At Huskvarnaberget (mountain) in Huskvarna you will have a great view over Vättern. A great spot to have a picnic or have a small barbeque. There's great hiking trail here that can take you from the mountain to the park of huskvarna.

Here is a map to Utsikten in Huskvarna.


Tabergs topp

At the top of Tabergs (south of Jönköping) you’ll find restaurant with both food, ‘fika’ coffee, cookies as well as ‘golf’ pitch-and-putt. You can also see (over the mountain) a beautiful view of Taberg and Jönköping. You can take a car all the way to the top or you can make a challenge out of if by walking up the mountain. At the ‘Taberggruvan’ (which is a mine) you can have a guide that will tell/show you some history and bats.

Here is a map to Tabergs topp.