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Strawberry picking

Picking strawberries is a fun activity for young and old. There are several places in Jönköping that offer self-picking and here are some of them listed!

Come alone or bring the whole family on a day of strawberry picking. A tip is to bring shallow but wide vessels so that the strawberries are not mashed as easily at the bottom!

Gigeryds Gård

Gigeryd is located by Risbrodammen about a mile from Jönköping. Here you can pick strawberries and at the same time take the opportunity to enjoy nature!

Botarps Jordgubbar

At Botarps Strawberries in Huskvarna you will find strawberries grown in the open. Here you can both pick yourself or buy pre-picked berries.

Axlarp Jordgubbar

Axlarp Strawberries in Forserum also offers self-picking. Here the strawberries are picked under a roof so it will be a good activity for even a rainy day!

Ravelsmarks Gård

In addition to self-picking strawberries, Ravelsmarks Gård in Gränna offers a farm shop and a café with a lot of locally produced produce.