One day in Gränna

Imagine waking up in a city that smells of peppermint rock, you can do that if you spend a night in the small town of Gränna. Here the peppermints rock are baked in every corner.

You can stroll along the main street Brahegatan and walk into any shops that makes the sweet candy and watch how they are baked. Take the stairs up to Grännaberget and enjoy the view over Gränna, Vättern and Visingsö. Maybe take a shrimp sandwich and then go back down to the town again.Back down i Gränna you can visit Grenna museum with the fascinating story about Andrée and the polar exhibition. At the museum you can also visit the polar bears Frost and Is that is standing in the yard of the museum.

3 km south of Gränna you have the small village Röttle, an old industrial village. Here you can find a mill that is still in use Rasmus kvarn. A couple of days every week the mills starts up and you can watch how they once made flour. In Röttle you can also watch the water fall that once was the reason to Röttles location.

East of Gränna you find Trolska Båtturer a boat trip that takes you around lake Bunn and Ören thru the channel that connects the two lakes with each other. Here lived the Swedish painter and author John Bauer and you can almost see his figure Tuvstarr and trolls around the lakes. The boat trip takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minuter, you can pre-oder coffee and sandwich.

After you have taken the boat trip Trolska båtturer, you can take the car and go a little north of Gränna towards Uppgrenna and go to Kleven here you can have homemade cookies and coffee and look at the amazing view you get here.