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One day in Gränna

Imagine waking up in a city full of history, cobble stoned streets and quaint wooden houses, with charming cafes and restaurants, where the air always smells of peppermint. You can do this if you spend the night in idyllic Gränna.

The beautiful town was founded by Per Brahe almost 400 years ago, and the solid craftsmanship has been taken over by generation after generation ever since. Here, you are surrounded by nature reserves with deep and enchanting forests that inspired many of John Bauer's tales. It is, to say the least, a place where you can feel the wings of history, experience beautiful surroundings, and a vibrant city full of life. In Gränna, the next adventure is always around the corner.

Few things are as beautiful as a sunrise. Start your morning early with a walk along the beaches of Vättern, or maybe out on one of Gränna's many lakes. Glide over the calm water and enjoy the tranquility. Trolska boat rides offers guided tours later in the day, but you can also rent a canoe or kayak from Bauergården or Smålandsgården.

Head over to any of the cozy coffee shops in central Gränna for breakfast. Stroll around the cobbled alleys and soak up the atmosphere of the quaint town. Lace up your walking shoes and go down to Röttle harbor. There you will find waterfalls, a small pebble beach if you want to take a dip in the crystal clear water of Vättern, and if you are lucky the Rasmus mill will be open. There you can watch when wheat and rye turn into flour, just like in the past.

In Gränna you will find many beautiful environments that have been preserved in a way that gives the feeling that time has been frozen. There are stories that are waiting to be experienced. Enjoy a good meal in one of the many restaurants that have preserved the historic charm of the buildings. Stroll through the avenue down to the harbor and listen to the waves of Vättern while enjoying something cool in the sun. You will find many local producers in the city, both in terms of sweets such as candy canes and ice cream, but the area is also surrounded by charming farm shops.

Along Brahegatan you will find lots of candy cane factories, but also Grenna Museum, where you can learn more about the history of the André expedition, among other things. If you want to get a taste of the journey that took André to the North Pole, you can follow along on a hot air balloon ride and experience Gränna from brand new perspectives.

If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground but still want to enjoy beautiful views, you can get up at either Grännaberget, Kleven, or in Tegnértornet. If you want a more heart rate-boosting activity, there are many bike trails in the area.

End your day with an evening dip. Both in and around Gränna there are beautiful bathing areas. Bring a picnic basket filled with goodies and some company.

This is just a small pick of things to do during a day in Gränna! Find more activities to do here.