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JKPG is full of lots of wonderful strawberry places where you can go to relax, recharge your batteries, picnic, instagram, play or just hang out. Here we list a couple of our gold nuggets.


In the eastern slope of Jönköpingsdalen you will find Strömsbergs nature reserve, which with its varying variability and rich wildlife has much to offer. It is a fantastic place for you who want to experience a fascinating nature.



Dunkehallaleden is a hiking trail of about one kilometer, with partly steep sections and stairs. The trail runs in the Dunkehallaån valley, a place that in the past was significant for nearby industries, today it is instead a beautiful natural area.


Röttle By

South of Gränna you will find Röttle By, a historical site that is today best known for its beautiful nature and the two mills; Rasmus Kvarn and Jersualemskvarn. The mills testify to the heyday of the track during the 17th century. Even today you can see how the grinding of flour used to be, Rasmus mill is running during the summer.


Girabäckens naturreservat

Is a beautiful nature reserve with a small swimming area and nice picnic places. If you would rather move, it's nice to wander along the gorge. Girabäcken nature reserve can be found north of Gränna.


Ekskogen on Visingsö

Not far from Visingsö harbor you will find the stately oak forest. Originally, the oaks were planted on Visingsö to become timber for the Swedish Navy, the large straight trees would certainly have been well suited for shipbuilding, but today this form of construction method is no longer relevant and the oaks remain.


Rosenlunds Rosarium

With walking distance from Vätterstranden, Rosenlunds Rosarium is very beautifully located in a historic environment next to the old manor house. The park has a café and is a popular walking area. If you are interested in roses, the Rosarium is a "must", as it contains over 300 different kinds of roses.