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Girabäcken nature reserve

Girabäcken nature reserve, north of Gränna, has evolved from a sandstone quarry to a small swimming beach. The area is in a beautiful location next to Lake Vättern and is a good place for swimming and picnics. If you would rather move around, there is a picturesque area for walks by the ravine.

Girabäcken nature reserve is about 5 kilometres north of Gränna, outside the village of Uppgränna. A stream runs down to Vättern through a ravine, and around the stream channel the variety of species is magnificent. Down by Vättern there is a small, secluded sandy beach as well as remnants of the small harbour from which stone from the nearby quarry was shipped. Among other things, the stone was used as the base for buildings along Strandvägen in Stockholm.

Girabäcken’s ravine has a great variety of flora and fauna. Previously the area was used for quarrying of sandstone. Now the area is a great place for country walks. The purpose of the nature reserve is to preserve the biological diversity that exists in the area. Girabäcken is part of Östra Vätterbranterna, a biosphere area, a unique region where organisms live that extends from Tenhult in the south up to Omberg in Östergötland in the north.

The area has: Parking Rest areas *BBQ sites