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A day on Visingsö

Go on a horse-drawn carrage, visit Visingsborg or take your bike and experience all the islands beautiful places, there are lots of things to do a day on Visingsö!

Spend some of your work free days at this unique island. You can fast and easily transport yourself to this island by the ferry that continuously departures from Gränna during the summer. On the island you have the possibility to wander along beautiful paths or rent a bike to ride along the shore, that’s why you should leave the car at home!

10 places to visit

Visit the castle ruin of Visingsborg and listen to the exciting history about what used to be an old prison with Russian warfighters that were trapped behind the walls.

Go by remmalag, a horse-drawn carriage, and experience the island quietly with no amount of exhaustion.

Wander through beautiful environment and inhale the nature. The oak forest is a unique forest that you definitely should visit.

Bike along the roads at Visingsö and view the whole island. Experience great nature, breathtaking views and activities along the way.

Go on a fishing cruise with exciting nature experiences. Lake Vättern offers a diversity of fishes.

The activity centre Fortuna Marin offers boat cruises and sightseeing to Visingsö. Grab this opportunity to view the island from a completely different angle.

Bring the family for a day of fun and games at the bath house Kumlabybadet. A lovely outdoor bath with two tempered pools.

View a big part of the island on Visingsötåget, a train that takes you around Visingsö. On the tour you can see the castle, the oak forest and much more.

Go kayaking along this beautiful island. Take a moment of peace and calm while witnessing unique views along the edges of the island.

At Erstad Kärr you can spend your days with birdwatching and enjoy the calmness of the north side of the island.