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The matchstick area Jönköping

Have a visit at this unique area in Jönköping. Experience the famous Match Museum, play some videogames or eat some great cousine at the restaurants. There are lots of things to enjoy here!

The matchstick area is a very special and lovely place to visit both summer and winter. Here you will find cozy and secluded restaurants with their own point of view. Choose from 20 beers at the Idlewild bar, try "A Fun Evening" at Gallery Tegel or take a seafood platter at the fish restaurant Pescadores. Are you looking to try out newer computer games, Gameffect is always nearby. If you want to buy a unique souvenir or are you looking for something nice to have at home, there are many good stores for this. Surrounded by a sparkling creative environment where you can buy unique items or book an event at Ateljén, here is always something new and exciting. At Gallery Lloyd Tabing you will find art in all its shapes and colors that is close to the organic food store Bikupan.

Learn more about the history of the match at the world-famous match museum. The Match Museum also offers a film screening of the history behind the matches.



The first factory buildings in the Matchstick area in Jönköping were built in 1847. The following year they started making matches in the beautiful wooden building that today is the Matchstick Museum. This eventually developed into a world company and really put Jönköping in the spotlight. Ivar Kreuger took over all the Swedish match factories in 1917 and formed STAB, the Swedish Matchstick Company. The match factory grew and with that Match area. In the mid-1970s, the matchstick production was interrupted in Jönköping and the factory premises were emptied. Gradually, the premises were filled by various actors. Match area today is bubbling with activity. There are many different types of activities. Here you will find shops, galleries, taverns, restaurants, the museum and much more. The events and exhibitions are mutually exclusive.