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Fishing in Jönköping

A calm day out on the water, is there anything better than that? In this article we suggest good spots for fishing in Jönköping and what you can think about before heading of.

The three lakes Rocksjön, Munksjön and Vättern, which surround the city, are excellent for rich fishing. Close to nature, with beautiful views and most kinds of fish. To be able to fish in the lakes around Jönköping you need a fishing license (not needed to fish in Vättern).

At iFiske you can easily buy a digital fishing license for the particular lake you are going to. Just search for the lake you are interested in going to and fill in your details.

Here you will find a map for the municipality's fishing waters.


In beautiful Lake Vättern you will find good opportunities for fishing. Vättern is one of Sweden's most unique areas for fishing and outdoor life. In the lake there are 31 fish species, some of the fish you can get on the hook are salmon, char, trout, grayling, pike, perch, pike-perch and many more. Along the lake you will find Vätterstranden with its 642 km of beach but also high cliffs in many places that provide unbeatable views of the lake! Here you do not need a fishing license, so it is just to go out on the lake and get started!

Munksjön and Rocksjön

In Lake Rocksjön and Munksjön you have good opportunities for sport fishing. The lakes are centrally located in Jönköping and are free to fish on. Here you need a fishing license. You can download it from this page and take with you during your trip out on the lake. You can also pick up your fishing permit at the following places:

Municipality reception / contact center in Juneporten
Jönköpings Sportfiskeklubb, Klubbhusgatan 3
Kurres Fiskeshop, Huskvarnavägen 107 Huskvarna
Shell, Barnarpsgatan 45
A6 Hotell & Vandrarhem, Rekrytvägen 5
Fishing & Outdoor, Ryhovsgatan 3-5


In the area around Gränna there are a lot of lovely fishing waters nearby. You can choose to [fish in the bunn lakes] ( (three lakes in two fishing areas), Landsjön, Kvarnsjöarna or Ören. Swipe through the magical nature and enjoy a day bobbing on the water. Here you can also choose to book a boat trip with your friends and family. Read more about what is included here.

Before or after your trip there are many visitable cafés and farm shops close to the lakes, among others, Grosseriet, Rudenstams, Kaffestugan, Ravelsmarks farm shop and many more. If you get hungry there are many restaurants right at the harbor in Gränna.


In Bottnaryd you will find several fine fishing waters. You can fish in the lakes Mörtsjön, Stråken, Svansjön, Mulserydssjön, Munkabosjön, Nissan with more. Here you can buy your fishing license.


In Bankeryd you can fish in the Attarps pond and the Risbro pond.


In Lekeryd you will find the lakes Ramsjön, Stora Nätaren and Ylen.


In the area around Taberg, Norrahammar and Barnarps you will find several fishing waters. You can fish in these lakes: the central lake, Sörsjön and Tabergsån, Granarpsjön, Lovsjön and Eckern.

When you are in Taberg, you must not miss Tabergstoppen which offers a fantastic view 343 m above sea level! Here you can also eat and drink well. In Taberg you can also visit the mine of Tabergs with its Batmuseum.


In Tenhult you can fish in the lakes Tenhultasjön and Rogbergasjön.

Have a nice day out on the lake!