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Try a canoe or a kayak

Enjoy a gentle breeze and sunny days on the water in beautiful Vättern, Munksjön, Landsjön or Bunnsjöarna. A wonderful outdoor activity to do with friends and family.

In the municipality of Jönköping, there are several places to choose from when you want to go out on the water. Here we list some places to paddle at and which you can rent equipment from.


If you want to paddle close to the city in Lake Vättern or Munkjön, you can rent kayaks and SUP at Outdoordays. At Oset in Huskvarna and at Rocksjön, Sjöstranden rents out kayaks and SUP. Enjoy your trip.

paddla i city


In Kaxholmen you will find the company Kärnfrisk which offers kayak rental in Landsjön. At Hunnerydsbadet there are three different types of kayaks for rent, one variety is two-seater and the other one-seater. In addition to kayaks, you can also rent beach games, water toys, bicycles and SUP.

Paddla i Landsjön


A bit outside Gränna in Lake Ören, you can now get a guided paddle tour in a kayak at Smålandsgården. Glide forward in a kayak with your guide who will help you make the most of the trip. At BauerGården you can instead paddle a canoe through Bunn's islands and through the water lily canal that connects the lakes Bunn, Ören and Kvarnsjöarna. At Bauergården you can also get help from Your next experience they offer a ride to another part of the lake and so you can start your kayak trip there.

Visingsö is a beautiful place to explore during the summer. Here you can rent kayaks at Outdoordays which shows you a new side of the island. On their trips, they take you to places where only kayaks can get around, where peace, quiet and tranquility become a sign.

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