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Jönköping County Museum

Experience art and cultural history up close! At Jönköping County Museum there is a lovely mix of John Bauer's fabulous art, the cultural history of Småland and Pauli's and Gannevik's collections of Swedish 20th century art. The children can of course have fun at the museum. In the open workshop they can create freely or solve prepared tasks. Don't miss Mini-friday with time for the little ones to paint and listen to fairytales. In the exhibition ”Follow John" the kids, through play and imagination, can find out the story of John Bauer. Who doesn't want to turn into a troll, a princess or prince?

The fairytale artist John Bauer is Jönköping's pride. At Jönköping County Museum, both adults and children can enjoy John Bauer's fabulous art treasure. Bauer's creating belongs to the nature. His mythical creatures comes out of mossy stones and crooked branches. The pictures on the ugly troll are not scary, but radiates safety and goodness.

At the county museum you also meet Ester Ellqvist, who was John Bauer's great love. They met during the study period at the Royal Academy and married after a time. Ester dreamed of becoming a free artist at a time when a married woman was neither of age nor had the right to vote. It was Ester that John used as a model for the painting of princess Tuvstarr.

John Bauer only became 36 years old. He died on November 19, 1918 together with his wife Ester and their son Putte, when the steamship Per Brahe sank on the lake Vättern. Here you can find more information about John Bauer's life.

Art of Sweden's most famous artists

The Jönköping County Museum's art collection includes the Paulis Collection and the Gannevik Collection. Here you can find artworks from the 1900 century until the 1930s, made by Sweden's most famous artists. Georg and Hanna Pauli from Jönköping donated 301 works to Jönköping County Art Association in 1936. In 2003 Per and Gunvor Gannevik from Jönköping donated 37 paintings to the art association. Two more artworks have been purchased for the collection. The County Museum handles all 340 artworks.

Making the county's cultural heritage available

The first museum building was designed by architect Gustav Lettströms and opened in 1956. A new exhibition building, which was joined with the old one, was designed by Jönköping architect Carl Nyrén and opened in 1992.

Jönköping County Museum works with exhibitions, archeology, painting conservation, building conservation and ethnology. They will illuminate the county's cultural heritage and make it easy to reach for everyone. Do you want to know more about what an antiquarian or an archaeologist does? Join out in the field by following their exciting blogs.

Stay updated on building conservation.

Join the archaeologists here.
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In addition to exhibitions, the county museum has archives, magazines, a library, a large picture archive and a studio for painting conservation. For over a hundred years, the museum has collected documents, pictures, art, books and objects. At DigitaltMuseum you will find parts of the art and object collections.

The city´s historic exhibition

In the Archives house next to Jönköping County Museum there is the city´s historic exhibition - "Memories, people, places". Travel through Jönköping from 1200s when the city was founded by Magnus Birgersson (Ladulås) to the final destination with the 2000s visions.