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Paddle on Ören

Now Smålandsgården offers a guided paddle tour on Ören.

Ören is a nice lake with clear water and fresh air. Here you can slip into a kayak with your guide who will help you get the most out of the tour. Combine your paddling with an overnight stay at one of Örserum's fine hotels.
Some of the most common questions:

What should I bring?
Durable clothing according to weather and wind. If you want to bring your mobile and other valuables, consider putting them in something waterproof.
What is included in the tour?
Kayak, paddle and life jacket, your personal guide, Coffee and / or a meal depending on the length of the tour
Important to remember!
Everyone who paddles must be a good swimmer. It is even good to consider how long you would like to be on the lake and how many people are in your group.

You book your tour by contacting Smålandsgården.