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Kayaking on Visingsö

Visingsö is a very beautiful and popular island. Outdoordays is proud to show Visingsö even from water. On their trips they take you to places where only kayaks can get around to, where tranquility, peace and calmness will be a hallmark.

Vättern is a unique lake in many ways and you will notice when you paddle. With twelve foot visibility and an exciting seabed every turn becomes unique.

With well-trained guide and personal attention you will get tips on how your paddling can be developed. The tour also promise new kayak paddles friends and many new experiences.

Here you can rent a kayak, participate in the course, go on tour or develop your deep sea kayaking. Outdoordays offer several different tours: morning tour, evening tour, deep sea kayaking, courses, events, AW, Visingsö around and downwind run mm