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2 km walk around the church lake. Easy walk take app 30 minutes to walk around.

Walk around the beautiful church lake and follow it from Bishop Martin Lönnebo's " Frälsarkransen ". The walk with the Frälsarkransen begins and ends at the bell tower of the cemetery. Pärlsstigen is very easy to walk.

Stations along Pärlsstigen

1) Gudspärlan (bell)
2) Tystnadspärlan (Minneslunden)
3) Jagpärlan (down by the lake)
4) Doppärlan (at the bridge)
- Gläntan (most beautiful view)
5) Ökenpärlan (at the viewing point)
6) Bekymmerslöshetspärlan (before the bridge)
7) Kärlekspärlan (on the revel)
8) Offerpärlan (on the revel)
9) Hemlighetspärlorna (on the revel)
10) Nattpärlan (on the revel)
11) Uppståndelsepärlan (at the churchyard wall)
12) Gudspärlan (bell, same as station 1)

The writings at the stations (not Gläntan) is written by Frälsarkransens creator Martin Lönnebo, Bishop Emeritus, Linköping.