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Treasure hunt at Visingsö

The historic island Visingsö welcomes you to a thrilling treasure hunt around the island! Look for clues and get to the treasure.

Closed during 1/10-1/4

For the first time ever, you can take part in a treasure hunt on the island Visingsö. You will pass five stops where you will receive five clues to open the treasure chest. You can get to the stops on the map by walking, cycling or driving. The route for the map is about 7 km long and goes south of the island starting from the harbor. The treasure hunt is available to everyone but the recommended age is 5-13 years.

The maps are located at the port of Gränna in the mailbox near the ferry, at the port at Visingsö in the waiting hall and at Persgården. You can also print the treasure map from home by downloading this pdf.

The five stops

At each stop, you will be able to find a letter that you put together into a code to open the treasure chest. The stops that are included on the map are the Noble fir in The Oak forest, Persgården, Kungseken, Brahe church and Visingsborg castle ruin.

Until The harvest festival on 12-13/9, most things on Visingsö are open. After this date, it is still possible to visit the island to go on a treasure hunt, but remember to bring a packed lunch and your own bikes as restaurants and landlords are closed for the season.