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The Holaved Trail (Holavedsleden), one of Småland’s oldest and most popular hiking trails, traverses varied terrain of great natural beauty.

The Holaved Trail is 59 km long. It begins in Gränna and ends in Tranås, or vice versa. The trail is marked with posts painted orange, which makes it easy for you to find your way in the terrain. The trail passes through a typical Småland landscape, with expanses of ground and lakes interspersed and with many marvellous views. In the vicinity of Tranås, the trail goes on small forest roads; closer to Gränna, you hike on small paths in hilly terrain.

Along the way there are:
three established camping places with windbreaks

You will pass many attractions, including the Tegnér Tower just east of Gränna. It is 300 metres above sea level and 27 metres high. From the tower you can see the four provinces that surround Lake Vättern. For those who are not content with 59 kilometres of hiking, it’s possible to continue along the John Bauer Trail, which connects with the Holaved Trail from the south.

Both Örserumsbrunn gestgifveri & konferens and Smålandsgården are located close by the trail in case you're looking for a place to stay the night in combination with your hike. If you decide to start in Tranås and hike the whole trail in one go, you can find Gyllene Uttern och Grenna Hotell in Gränna.