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Bottnaryds kyrka

Bottnaryd's church is nicely located on Lake Gårdsjön. In recent years, the church has become widely known through Colin Nutley's television series Wedding, Funeral and Baptism.

The present church was inaugurated in 1667 and the belfry was completed in 1686. The bell tower has three bells, two of which today are electric while the third is still being pulled by hand. For understandable reasons, it is not often ringing in it.

At the church's most recent renovation, 2013, more exciting fixtures were added. The altar table of oak and olive wood can at least children crawl under. And look what's there! Traces of the four evangelists; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - in the same directions as the depictions of them in the ceiling!

What is most noticeable about what was added during the most recent renovation is the Oasis, the bright and beautiful room at the back of the church. A new sound and lighting system has also been added. At the bottom of the church you will also find the play church, here the children can perform a service themselves.