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Häggeberg's and Granbäck's deciduous forests, between Jönköping and Bankeryd, are a beautiful forest area with wonderful views of Vättern.

A perfect excursion destination on a nice summer day. Pack the picnic basket and roam at a slow pace, surrounded by oak, lime, ash and sallow. There are also small-scale pastures with sheep and horses. And you are lucky to discover some of the rare plants and animals that live in the nature reserve, such as the suboceanic, the dwarf snail, the moist-loving feather moss and the unusual mushroom grove.

Getting here
The area is very close to Jönköping and Bankeryd, southwest of Trånghalla. A sub-area along the slope with very fine old windmills lies along Falköpingsvägen. Walk, ride a bike or take a bus to the nature reserve. There are also three parking spaces adjacent to the area.