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Bottnaryds primeval forest

Just as its name implies, Bottnaryd primeval forest (Bottnaryds urskog) is a very old coniferous forest, with pine trees that are up to 400 years old. The nature reserve is an area with pine forest, swampland and varied animal and plant life.

You can easily get to Bottnaryd primeval forest by either car or bus. If you come by car, drive into Bottnaryd and on the left side look for a sign for the nature reserve. If you travel by bus, get off at the first bus stop in Bottnaryd. From there it is 500 metres to the primeval forest. The forest is made up of piles of dried and overturned trees, which not only bear witness to bygone times but also play an important role for plant life. The area is not only for people who have a burning interest in plants; there is also abundant wildlife here, and the swamp area is a place that attracts roe deer and elk.

If you visit Bottnaryd primeval forest during bilberry season, we recommend that you bring along a container to hold the bilberries you pick, because the bilberry sprigs here are plentiful.