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Stromberg's nature reserve is located on the University `s eastern slope. The area consists of old, overgrown pasture and cultivated farmland. In Strömsberg forest grows mainly hazel, birch and oak. Noble trees such as elm, ash and lime are also present. Parts of the forest is planted, for example, some areas with beech, poplar and spruce.

Continuing since pasture time, a number of giant trees, including an impressive winding and several old oak trees, where the oldest is over 600 years. There are also many old vildaplar. Frej has a rich vegetation, especially in the ravine that run across the slope. It grows mainly so-called woodland plants, where wood anemone and anemone are predominant. Other important woodland plants are's mercury, herb starwort, meadow horsetail and Lady Fern. You can also find less common species like Lungwort, forest sedge, root and giant spikes.

In the southeast there is more upland sections of the reserve and here lies Vassnöden, originally a cottage, surrounded by pastureland. Vassnöden was inhabited until 1970. It grew grazing land again, but in the 1990s the land was cleared.

In several parts of the reserve you can see tracks of wild animals, like moose, hare, badgers and deer. The diverse forests also provide an abundance of birds, including breeding the rare, small flycatcher in the field.