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Kungsladugårdarna were built in 1729-40 by the tenant, the Count and Lieutenant General Johan August Meijerfelt. The buildings are nowadays stabels for horses.

In common, the barns are sometimes called the Russian barracks, which refers to the telling that it was the Russian prisoners of war who were at Visingsborg Castle who built them. In the self-proclamation, the prisoners of war were no longer left on the island when the barns were erected. They may have been part of and erected earlier buildings on the site, but not the so-called Russian barns.

The royal barns are located near Visingsö harbor, because of the horses that are in the barns they are not open to the public, but you can easily cycle or walk past them and think about where the name Rysslador really comes from. The traditional Kumlaby tour with the remmalag, past the Kungsladugårds, among other things.