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Vinkokta musslor på Muurikka

The most natural way to cook is over an open fire. Whether if you want to bring some friends and family along or enjoy some alone time, outdoor cooking is a delicious adventure in itself. And it doesn't have to be the least complicated to put together a dish that makes your taste buds sing.

Whether you have a desire to spend a little more time in nature or if you already are an outdoorsy person , the inspiration when it comes to what food to bring can sometimes be a bit low. Here is a recipe to help make your outdoor adventure as simple as possible. Wine-cooked sea mussels with sourdough bread is something that fits the New Year's menu, but it tastes just as good around a barbecue place in the woods!

You will need
A Muurikka or frying pan (do you need new utensils for your outdoor cooking? Check out the assortment at Uthuset or Naturkompaniet)
Fresh thyme (head over to Bikupan and get both spices and vegetables)
Sea mussles
White wine (you can find locally produced wine at Vingårdsbutiken Två Liljor)
Butter or oil
Bread (fresh bread can be found at both Stuk and Vingårdsbutiken Två Liljor).

Get a fire started and heat up your frying pan or Muurikka. Meanwhile, you can chop up your desired amount of chili, chives and garlic. When it's hot enough, pour some butter or oil into the frying pan or Muurikka and then add the chives, chilli and garlic. While this is milling, chop the thyme and then mix it in the pan. Pour almost the entire bottle of white wine in and let it heat up. Finally, put in the mussels in and let them cook until they open up. Cut up some bread and serve!

Jönköping is surrounded by fantastic forests and hiking trails, and most of them have at least one or more barbecue places. So create your outdoor menu, pack your bag and head out to your favorite forest, or take the opportunity to try something new. Here you can find many of the destination's best hiking trails.