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Uvaberget and Ramlaklint

North of Lekeryd, west of Ramsjön, are the two mountains Ramla Klint and Uvaberget. One offers old-growth forest, the other a beautiful lake view. Perhaps there is also the remains of an ancient castle. On Uvaberget grows high and thick trees. Some are up to 130 years old.

The area is untouched, only the trees that have been thrown over by the wind have sometimes been taken care of. The mountain consists of several peaks where the maximum is 60 feet above the lake's surface.

Ramla Klint is a 70 meter high rock that rises majestically over Ramsjön. Eastside is an impressive, almost vertical, cliff from where huge boulders have been detached and folded at the edge of tall buildings. Otherwise, the mountain covered with forest, mainly coarse pine with hints of pine and hardwood. On both mountains, plenty of different species of lichens, mosses and fungi. If you like you can take a swim in the reserves eastern corners.