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Sandwiches deluxe

There is something special about cooking outdoors. It just simply tastes a little better. Hotdogs in all honor, but sometimes you may want to saturate your stomach with something else. Here's a recipe that is just as simple as it is tasty!

Do you have a full day outdoors in nature ahead of you, or maybe you just want to take a breath of fresh air at the nearest barbecue area while eating some lunch? No matter what your plans look like, this is a perfect opportunity to gather inspiration for your next outdoor meal!

How does sourdough bread, a cream made from cream-boiled Jerusalem artichokes, and optional vegetable toppings sound? Tasty, right? These sandwiches are so good that you will have a hard time to stop eating, so be sure to bring a a few more bread slices than you expect to eat. The Jerusalem artichoke cream is best to prepare at home, but no more preparation than that is needed. Just pack your ingredients and head out!

You will need
A frying pan or Muurikka (head over to Uthuset if you would like to invest in some good tools for outdoor cooking).
Your favorite bread (the sourdough bread in the pictures comes from Stuk).
Your desired amount of vegetables (take a trip to the nearest farmer shop, both Ravelsmarks and Rudenstams stock a lot of veggies.
Butter or oil
2-3 dl cream (Prästgårdens mejeri sells locally produced dairy products).
400g jerusalem artichokes 1 tsk of any concentrated broth Salt and pepper

The Jerusalem artichoke cream is easiest to make at home before heading out. Peel and chop the artichokes and put them in a saucepan along with the cream. Let it cook until the cream has boiled into the artichokes. Mix to a smooth cream with a hand mixer and taste with salt, pepper and broth. Now you're ready for nature!

Once you have arrive at your chosen barbecue place, chop any amount of chili and garlic, along with your vegetables. Heat your Muurikka or frying pan over the fire and add butter or oil. Then pour in all the ingredients, except the bread and Jerusalem artichoke cream. It's up to you to decide how well you want to fry your vegetables, but when you think they are ready you can cut up the bread and fry on a few slices for a few seconds. If the Jerusalem artichoke cream gets cold, you can reheat it over the fire. Add a splash of water if it gets too thick! Then put out the fire or move the food so that nothing burns.

Take your bread slices, put on the desired amount of Jerusalem artichoke cream and top it off with your vegetables! Enjoy your meal!