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Out on tour never grouchy, or yes at least until the energy levels start to run low. If there is ever a time when the energy depots are to be well stocked, it is on a hike. Jägarsnus (hunters tobacco) is the perfect snack to take with you on the hiking trip or adventure around the corner. Make sure to keep your spirits up and prevent dips by refilling with snacks at least once an hour. A tip is to make sure that all family members or hiking buddies each get a jar of Jägarsnus to put in their pocket, preferably in small aluminum cans with lids, these are both easy to open and do not weigh much.

1 dl raisins
1 dl dried apricots
1 dl dried figs
1 dl pumpkin seeds
100 g dark chocolate
1 dl walnuts
1 dl goji berries

This is how you do:
The recipe does not have to be followed slavishly, but rather think, you take what you have and what you think is good! Roughly chop the ingredients, place in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Voila clear!