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Ravelsmarks Gård

Ravelsmarks Gård is a family owned farm that runs plant and meat production just outside Gränna. Sofia Alrikson blogging on Den Naturliga Maten have visited their farm and shop to talk about organic, locally produced and natural food. Come along!

In recent years the focus has been to develop the farm's own vegetable cultivation, today it is grown strawberries, maize, cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus, pumpkins and much more. These delicacies are available in our own farm shop next to the farm. The farm also offers ice cream from Grenna Ice Cream, coffee, pies and some local goods.

Welcome to an idyllic visit to the countryside with a wonderful aroma of freshly harvested vegetables with grazing cattle in the background and a striking view of Vättern and Visingsö.