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Hallska Gården

Hallska Gården is a jewel in Gränna’s architecture. The courtyard was built in 1834-35 on the foundation of a 17th-century building. Today Hallska Gården has regained its old charm and represents a pleasant oasis for artisans, artists and visitors. There you will find shops, a café and a gallery open during the summer.

The property developer was Lieutenant Gabriel Hall. Adjacent to the main building, there also were farm buildings, including a stable, shed for carriages and coachman’s residence. For a long time, Hallska Gården was the town’s most substantial building, and on several occasions it has been honoured with royal visits. For example, King Carl XIV Johan spent the night there in 1835. Since 1990 the structure has been designated a historic building, and it is owned by Jönköping municipality.