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Tegel Matbar & Galleri

Tegel Matbar & Galleri is the perfect place for those who like good food and art in a unique setting.

Tegel Matbar & Galleri can be found in the heart of Tändsticksområdet. In a historic brick building there is now a gallery and restaurant under one roof.

In the 1950s, the building was a carpentry and rail cars could be driven in and unloaded and the same roof. Tegel Matbar & Galleri opened in 2013 in these historic premises. Today, the old machine house with its unique atmospheric and high ceiling is a restaurant with an open kitchen serving food from all over the world.

On Tegel, you can enjoy food from all corners of the world in the popular food bar. Or enjoy the food, bar and art in the art gallery. Tegel is also a popular party venue for both weddings, birthdays and many other types of events.

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