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Idlewild Beer Café

In the heart of Tändsticksområdet you can find this beer-pearl. A must for anyone who likes good food, good atmosphere, and above all, really good beer.

At Idlewild Beer Café you can enjoy unique beers from their own brewery, a nice bar environment and good food.

The brewery

Over 20 beers created and served at Idlewild Beer Café. Each week, you can try different beers when the owners are trying to be innovative and try new recipes and varieties.

The bar

Enjoy an oasis of good beer. In Idlewild Beer Café bar is something for all tastes. It is not just their own beer, but also a wide range of imported beers from around the world. Come and test draft beer, bottled beer and ölbricka. Or why not a beer tasting?

The restaurant

In the restaurant you can enjoy various snacks, open-faced sandwiches, burgers and desserts.

Opening hours: Friday - Saturday 16-24