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Högt och lågt

If you want an adventure beyond the ordinary, you should go to Axamosjön during the summer. In 2021, a brand new climbing and adventure park was built here.

Here, the family, bachelor party or company can enjoy exciting adventures in the middle of nature. The park is beautifully situated by the beach and Axamosjön. The park offers exciting adventures for young and old.

The climbing park consists of several different high-altitude courses with a wide range of difficulty levels. Here, children and adults should be able to have fun together, there is a degree of difficulty for everyone.

The climbing paths are divided into difficulty levels with color codes, just like in a ski resort. Grading starts with orange, which is the simplest course. This is followed by green, dark green and blue. Red is the most difficult course. There is no age limit but you must be at least 80 cm to climb the orange course. At least 110 cm for green path and at least 140 cm for blue / red path. Here is an adventure for everyone!