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A gamers guide in Jönköping

Regardless of whether you're playing Fortnite, FIFA, or any other game, there are several places in Jönköping that are perfect for the dedicated gamer.

Are you looking for a delightful night out with good food and video games? In Jönköping, both Kappa Bar and HomeRunners offer the perfect themed night out with games. If you and your friends want to create the best team, try laser tag or Prison Island at Huskvarna Activity Center, or tackle challenging missions at Escape House. At Gameffect, you'll have the perfect LAN experience with games for both PC and console, participate in all-night gaming sessions, and join tournaments. Experience the perfect retro night at Matchstick Pinball in a room full of pinball machines. Have a historical adventure while solving tricky tasks in the game "The Battle Through Time" at Jönköping County Museum. A unique accommodation you must experience is a night at Quality Match Hotels gaming room! It's a hotel room like no other, equipped with everything you need for a luxurious night, PLUS a gaming computer with over 40 free games and all the technology needed for live streaming. Take a break from the gaming chair and explore Jönköping with a DreamHack theme in Expedition DreamHack and A city tour with a taste of DreamHack.

Stay updated on tournaments and other activities happening in Jönköping at City of DreamHack.