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DreamHack Summer

The world largest digital festival is arranged in Jönköping twice a year. Be part of the incredible event that attracts millions of people from all over the world, online and in real life. Feel the adrenaline, the heat and lots of internet gaming at DreamHack Summer!

In light of the recent developments surrounding the global coronavirus outbreak, DreamHack Summer (originally planned for June 12-14, 2020) has been canceled.

DreamHack is the world’s biggest digital festival. The event is an incredible platform for online gaming, knowledge, creative competitions, lectures in game development and a lot more! DreamHack Summer welcomes everyone in all ages to participate. The event is open for four days and is open 24/7 for the participants. Take part in Jönköping’s digital arena and experience DreamHack Summer this year!


In the year of 1994 DreamHack started as a small gaming event between a couple of friends in the Swedish town Malung. 40 people participated and since then DreamHack has grown rapidly. During DreamHack 2015 they reached over 210 million people all over the world through their livestreaming, with 100 million unique viewers that combined watched the event for 95 million hours. That same year 23 425 unique computers where plugged in through the LAN.

Outdoor arena at DreamHack Summer "Open air"

DreamHack will build an outdoor area at the green fields behind Elmia Exhibition and Convention Centre, called “400-fältet”, where some of Sweden’s largest outdoor exhibitions are being held already. This area will be gated but accessible for everyone through a special entrance at Lobby North parking.

There will also be plenty of activities, including music, food, activities, gaming zone, merchandise shop, ticket shop, and many other things.

Get ready for this summers biggest gaming event!

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