Jönköping Marathon and half marathon

This year you have the opportunity to run through lovely parts of the city in Jönköping’s cheered on by an incredible audience running across the finish line at Munksjö bridge.

Lots of people has run marathons and half marathons in other countries and cities and got to experience that wonderful feeling in New York, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Berlin. This year you get to experience "that feeling" in Jönköping. Bring the whole family and enjoy the event!


The race will leap across lots of beautiful places in Jönköping and Huskvarna. The participants will run along with the lake Rocksjön, Munksjön and Vättern. Be sure to experience a marathon with great views and with challenges.

Pathway big marathon Karta marathon

Pathway half a marathon Karta över halvmarathon

Facts: A marathon is 42195 meter and a half a marathon is 21 097 meter.

Registration: jonkopingmarathon.se

Organizer: Team Runners High


  • 2020-10-10 / midnight - midnight
Knektaparken - Munksjöbron Jönköping